Friday, March 22, 2013

More Gwynnie Bee Goodness!

The only problem with Gwynnie Bee is that I have to return stuff to get new stuff! As the local library can tell, once something enters the door of my domicile, it falls into the "mine" category, as if my subconscious is a tantrumy toddler....wait I want to send back 3 things & get 3 new things: the dress from my last post & 2 tops, so I decided to have Lynda shoot a couple of pics of me so I could get a better idea of how I looked in the tops. My boyfriend liked them & he's pretty picky, but I have next to no mirror space to get a good full length view of myself. Hence, Lynda's new career as a photographer (Zac is too busy having All The Social Life with his friends & his new girlfriend over spring break). But now that I've seen the pics, I REALLY like 'em & I don't want to send 'em back! Decisions, decisions...

Friday, March 15, 2013

Gwynnie Bee

I can't believe I haven't blogged here since JANUARY 2011. Wowzers. My current call center job is nothing like as easy as my previous one. My only concern when dressing for work is comfort; I hardly ever wear heels. Also, I work Saturday AND Sunday and I can wear sweats both I do. Long story short, I no longer dress well. It hurts that I don't look good. So I'm trying to get back on track, and one of the things I've done is join Gwynnie Bee. It's Netflix for clothing! Sizes 10 and up, so even though my curves have burgeoned into rolls, the whole site still fits me. I hate this picture, I think the dress looked a lot better on me in person. The dress is Geo from ASOS via Gwynnie Bee. Bag is Maxx New York via eBay years ago. Mountain Spring water from Crema in Nashville, where I went to celebrate after passing my first Microsoft A+ certification exam! One down, one to go...hopefully I will pass 702 next Friday.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Plans, I Have Fantastic, Wonderful Plans...

Two full weeks into my new job and I am ***EXHAUSTED***. All I did today was a Walmart run & registering Bookey for softball & I really feel compelled to lie prone & whimper, Why are you torturing me?

Really, why?!?

Hehehe. That's just life, forcing me to get off my ass. Much like my personal trainer. My new job has a gym in the call center. Membership is only fifteen bucks a month, and includes unlimited workouts with a personal trainer. I made appointments for Monday, Wednesday, & Friday (upper body, lower body, core) & went in Thursday as well just to jump on the treadmill for some cardio (zoned out with my book, am reading Bullet by Laurell K. Hamilton).

I have been wearing good outfits every day except one. My black pants and hot pink sweater made me look like I was five feet tall and as wide as I was tall. Sweater looked great with leggings but unfortunately that wardrobe staple is verboten at my job. We can wear SHORTS on the weekends, but no leggings??? I am so glad that the world makes sense.

I filed my taxes this past weekend & hoped to have a nice check to do some shopping this weekend. Alas, it is postponed; I won't get my check for another couple of weeks, but in the meantime, I created this outfit off the Gap website & think that I may treat myself once the bird in the bush has alighted in my bank account, I mean, hand.

I think I'm a little bit in love with this outfit...a little terrified of buying an entire outfit for full retail price....we'll see what happens! What do you think, lovely reader?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Year, Old Cliche

Seeing my hair lately in photos has been an unpleasant revelation. Starting my new job tomorrow, I want to feel confident & upbeat. Saw a cute photo of Jennie Garth's new cut yesterday in Us Weekly magazine, so I took it to the salon today and got a new haircut. I hate my chins, but I love my new hair!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Silver Bells...

Actually, silver necklaces. One of the advantages of seeing yourself from full length and further away in photos is seeing what your outfit needs. I love this all black outfit and own NUMEROUS all black outfits, but I definitely need a long, bold silver necklace. I tried one on at Lane Bryant while shopping, probably a year or so ago, and rejected it because I felt it made me look old: wrong decision, I wish I had that necklace now! Have looked in a couple of places but haven't found "the one" yet.

I kind of like this necklace, but I think it may be too young for me!

This picture doesn't do the piece justice, the chains are really long and come almost down to your waist. I love the drama, but just not sure if this would work for work.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sheer Shearling Extravagance

Coat: lipstick red, shearling lined suede from the Victoria's Secret catalog closing in on ten years ago. Sweaterdress from Lane Bryant, gray velour leggings, also Victoria's Secret. Turquoise beaded earrings from my early AM Black Friday Target run (which was actually to buy an outdoor firepit for my honey...can't wait til he opens it on Christmas!)

could say much more but just found out I gotta run--back soon, pinky swearsies!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I resisted resisting temptation

Shoes are my weakness. Always have been, right? And with our financial situation right now, I should not be buying ANY shoes. In fact, I think I've only bought one pair since I moved to TN (can that be right????) (if so, yay me, and sad.)

I have followed Allie at religiously for years as a shining example of how a real woman with a real budget and a real body can look good every day, and I love to look through her blogroll and check out other stylebloggers when I have the opportunity. I found Yvonne at Vogue Inspired Fashion For The Real World and wow, is she ever inspiring with her bustier in the boardroom and over the knee boot looks! Her pictures are amazing and I was particularly fascinated by the shoes in her post titled, Leggings: Argyle Sweater. She credited them as being from Aldo and POOF I was off to check out the Aldo site. The style is called Rhiane and it was on sale for TWENTY DOLLARS AND NINETY-NINE CENTS with free shipping & handling. Before checkout I used another great Allie tip and did a quick Google search for an Aldo coupon code that saved me 2.10, so these shoes from a nice store in the mall ended up costing me *LESS* than full price Payless shoes.

Don't you want to see them? You know you want to...hehehe...